• Prepare and pre-study the machine tool commissioning, according to customer specifications and our contract
  • Prepare start-up files based on electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic drawings produced by our teams
  • Prepare the PLC program base (offline)
  • Prepare macros (e.g. M06, tool change macros)
  • Prepare CNC controller parameters (Siemens or Fanuc)
  • Start-up machine and check PLC program conformity
  • Program machine tools or automated systems used, among other things, for tool changes, motor cooling, coolant pump control and vacuum control.
  • Program the inputs and outputs of the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Macros from a blank module
  • Control the axes (X,Y,Z, BC) of the servo motors (DC motor) which will enable the machine to move precisely, in order to machine parts or remove material
  • Carry out functional tests with the equipment engineer (the customer), according to the established specifications, to ensure the machine operates according to contract
  • Carry out machine commissioning at customer sites
  • Start-up PLC auxiliary units: cooling, hydraulics, and vacuum
  • Define and secure minimum/maximum machine distances
  • Ensure that the electro spindle complies with performance requirements
  • Participate in the analysis and implementation of machine safety systems by producing a report in accordance with ISO-13849.
  • Ensure compliance with the schedule established in the start-up file.
  • Prepare progress reports to update the start-up file. Send reports to management (Granby, QC.) to follow up on work, problems encountered, and solutions for
  • Coordinate work with other members of the installation team (mechanics, IT specialists, electricians) through daily meetings
  • Participate in the documentation of commissioned systems, including M-codes and G-codes, in order to create, by the editorial team (Granby, QC.), a machine operation and maintenance manual to be given to the customer
  • Train the operator, the electrical maintenance technician, and the parts programmer (the customer) in the use and maintenance of machine tool automation systems, in accordance with system/manual documentation. A minimum of 24 hours of training per shift is planned

Technical skills

  • Proficiency in PLC programming language
  • Ladder
  • Structured text
  • Siemans Step 7 ou TIA
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Reading of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic drawings and diagrams
  • Time and priority management


  • DEC or AEC in electrical engineering, electricity or industrial electronics
  • BAC in automated production engineering

Location: California & Montreal Canada