Job Summary (Summary of the position)


Participate in activities concerned with design, construction, modification and maintenance of equipment and machinery in manufacturing so that throughput, inventory and operating expense objectives are achieved.  Inspects and repairs machinery and equipment based on operating parameters, according to engineering principles and safety regulations.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Job

(This section is not inclusive.  Other duties may be assigned as necessary).


  • Analyzes mechanical and operational problems on assigned equipment and plans for and takes corrective action.  Make necessary corrections and run adjustments to maintain maximum production and quality.
  • Tests newly installed or refurbished machines and equipment to ensure fulfillment to specification and safety.
  • Performs preventive maintenance on equipment that is not scheduled for manufacturing to reduce downtime.
  • Notifies supervisor of recurring equipment malfunctions and of corrective action taken, and of quality problems or supplies needed.
  • Positive communications among other shift and departments to ensure consistent information.
  • Adherence to plant safety requirements as established by company policy.
  • Accepts assignments and other responsibilities as required in support of team objectives.
  • Required to adhere to applicableTS16949 requirements.
  • Required to adhere to applicable ISO 14001 requirements.
  • Required to adhere to all Environmental Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Must be able to read and comprehend work instructions.
  • Will be required to work necessary overtime and off-shifts – 2nd or 3rd shift.
  • Other tasks as required by supervisor.

Skills preferred to perform the job


  • Hydraulics: including knowledge in/of pumps; pump/motor interaction; Valves; reading/understanding prints; cylinders, seals; heat exchangers; line build or replace
  • Pneumatics:  Valves and fittings
  • Electrical:  3 Phase, Motor test, frequency drive basics, sensors/switches, troubleshoot all terminal points, understand electrical prints, PLC; test I/O; Heating elements; Relays
  • Robotics:  navigate teach pendants; backup to controller; backup to external; modify/teach points; replace motors; annual maintenance; Troubleshooting TP error messages
  • Miscellaneous:  Metal fabrication; neat/clean work; ability to repair epoxy fixtures; knowledge of PU foam a plus



  • Authorized to stop production/work when encountering unsafe conditions
  • Authorized to retrieve work orders
  • Authorized to recommend repair methods, spare parts, tools and equipment to supervisor and managers



  • Maintenance Manager/Supervisor – Direction for Daily activities
  • Production team members – support and trouble shooting
  • Launch Management – planning and installation


Physical and Working Environment

  • May be required to stand long periods of time.
  • Working environment is manufacturing, can include high temperature and humidity at times
  • Overtime is frequent


Educational/Training Requirements


  • 2 years of college study or 4 year degree in Industrial, Mechatronix, or Electrical Engineering




Handicapped employees or applicants who feel accommodation is needed to perform the essential duties of their job must notify the Company in writing of the need for reasonable accommodation within 182 days after the date the employee or applicant knew or reasonably should have known that an accommodation was needed.

The Company will make accommodations that do not pose an undue hardship.


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