The Shop Welder is responsible for fitting and permanently joining together a sound structure with a high quality finished product. The
Shop Welder exemplifies the core values of our client being Integrity, Stewardship, and Quality with Safety being the forefront
in every decision.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILTIES: The essential duties and responsibilities of this job are included but not
limited to this job description – other tasks may be assigned and expected to be performed. Reasonable accommodations may be made
to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
• Maintain strict compliance with the organization’s safety requirements.
• Operate hand-welding and flame-cutting equipment such as oxyacetylene torch, electric arc machine, and robotic welding cells.
• Interpret blueprints and drawings to identify welding measurements and position.
• Conduct assessments to determine appropriate welding methods and equipment.
• Utilize plasma, gas or electric arc in welding metallic and composite materials together.
• Heat and dissolve metal parts to obtain molten substance used in welding or extrusion.
• Oversee the installation of tank linings, valves, lead pipes, and floor.
• Conduct x-ray, hydrostatic, and tolerance tests on welded parts to verify weld quality and conformance to specification.
• Operate manual and semi-automatic welding equipment in vertical, horizontal, or overhead positions.
• Operate power saws, chipping knife and hand shears in cutting, beveling, and contouring metal workpieces.
• Repair structures by dismantling, reshaping, and reassembling metal components using cutting torches and hand tools.
• Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of local and international building codes/legal requirements.
• Monitor work equipment to ensure usage is within optimum temperature to avoid overheating or expansion.
• Prepare metal surfaces by cleaning with chemical solutions and wire brushes to remove impurities such as scale, rust, grease, and
• Design patterns and models for a welding project using specifications contained in a blueprint.
• Direct electrodes on or across metal workpieces to melt, bend or straighten them.
• Mount and secure workpieces on production equipment using cranes, hoists or banding machines.
• Conduct estimates to determine the amount and cost of materials required for construction.
• Mix and apply protective or decorative coat on finished products.
• Complete other tasks and projects as assigned.

Proficient in Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW & MIG) welding and operating jigs and fixtures for
welding of subassemblies.
• Understand weld symbols and specifications as shown on drawings for the purpose of welding.
• Understand CAD drawings and specifications as shown on drawings for the purpose of welding.

Valid Driver’s License.
• OSHA 10, will train.
• Gas Metal and Arch welding minimum of 1G certification.

Maintains a strong commitment to safety.
• Works well independently and in a team.
• Strong mathematical, problem solving, and organizational skills.
• High attention to detail.
• Ability to remain calm under pressure.
• Ability to work through a variety of changing situations.
• Ability to prioritize work and meet deadlines.


• Finger and hand dexterity.
• Ability to operate various shop machinery safely (i.e., Punch and shear, drill press, grinders, cutting
torch, and miscellaneous hand tools).
• Ability to stand and walk for extended periods while performing tasks.


• Basic computer operation skills needed, will train.