Education: High School Diploma

Skills: Ability to read and understand paint specifications/work instructions and blue prints to complete tasks with little or no supervision. Mechanically inclined.

Experience: 3-5 years Painting, Paint prep and Masking

Personal Qualities: Attention to detail, hard working, Mechanical organized and industrious.

Preferences: Advanced knowledge of painting methods. Fork truck experience.

Responsibilities Overview: Preparation of areas that need to be coated: Brush or spray operations of manufactured products requiring standard finishes where advanced knowledge of blast profile is required for proper coating adhesion.

Specific Duties*: Requires physical dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Prepares surfaces for painting. Applies primer and other coatings per paint specifications and blue prints. Clean and maintain work area to provide a safe and organized work environment. Must be able to disassemble and re-assemble paint equipment for cleaning, ensuring the availability of equipment in safe and clean operating condition.

Accountabilities: Responsible for a high quality products and on time delivery Authority: Suggests equipment and supplies to department head for the purpose of maintaining inventory. RELEVANCE AND IMPORTANCE OF POSITION TO QUALITY OBJECTIVES: This position directly impacts the appearance and durability of customer products (i.e., quality). Also, the timely completion of painting tasks, while maintaining quality requirements, affects delivery performance.

Working Conditions Environment: Paint shop environment Frequent fumes from paints, thinners, and cleaners. Must use appropriate filtering apparatus. Occasional handling of solvents and harmful fluids. Gloves and other appropriate attire must be used as appropriate.

Physical Demands: Some lifting is required, up too 50 lbs. – greater that 50 lbs. requires mechanical assistance. Frequent bending, stooping, twisting and climbing of ladders. Hours: Hourly position; standard 40 hour work week unless overtime is needed to complete tasks (as directed by management).

Job Type: Full-time

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